Details of Properties invested

Details of Properties invested

The REIT has invested in properties of Amata Summit Ready Built Co., Ltd. (“Amata Summit” or “Property Manager”) which consisting of the factory buildings for 88 units with total rented space about 160,586.52 square meters located on the land with land deeds with total area of 224 rai, 1 ngan 82.1 square wah, more detail can be described as follows;

Type of Investment Location Registered area
(Rai-Ngan-Square Wah)
Area of factory building
Number of factory building
1. Freehold Amata City Chonburi Industrial
real estate



2.  Leasehold


105,516.02 60
3. Leasehold Amata City Rayong Industrial real estate 8-3-48.1 6,662.50 3
รวม 224-1-82.1 160,586.52 88

Remark: The proportion of the REIT’s investment in Freehold is 30 percent, and in Leasehold is 70 percent of total investment values (FH:LH = 30:70)